The Chef/Owner

Magic happened in my great grandmother’s kitchen when I was growing up in Jamaica. The emphasis was on freshness so the women in my family used homegrown herbs and spices in their food preparation.

I have lived in five Countries and I have been privileged to visit over 67 others (English, French, Spanish and Dutch-speaking). I have been fascinated by their history, sight, architecture, colors, people and culture. Foodie that I am, I have enjoyed sampling foods from the basic to the most exotic. I get a thrill from exploring the different textures, tastes and aromas which emanate from foods.

I have treasured memories of living in England and St. Lucia. I lived in London for seven years while studying for my law degrees. A big attraction for me in this bustling, cosmopolitan city was the variety of cuisines that I could indulge in. It was also easy to travel on the continent and to have a culinary experience.

I lived in St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean for 20 years while working for the Government. The country changed hands 14 times between the English and French, (seven times each) and today the French influence remains visible in their food, language and architecture. My mother-in-law, Miss Lucy, was a fine cook and taught me about spices, seasonings and how to prepare French Creole foods.

For more than 35 years I have been cooking and catering Jamaican and other foods. I delight in experimenting with herbs and spices to enhance the taste of food. When I cater I cook like I am cooking for me and my family. I cook with love.

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